Leslie Reagan Plaia, M.Ed., LPC

Through my own personal therapeutic work and the work I've done with clients, I have experienced first hand the benefits of vulnerability, connection, and recovery. From as long as I can remember, I have used creativity to express myself. This is something that I also employ in my therapeutic practice through different psychodrama and experiential techniques. I received a Bachelor's degree in Theatre and English Literature from Birmingham-Southern College. After teaching for a year, I realized that my heart was leading me towards a different kind of helping profession. I received my Master's degree in Counseling from the University of Montevallo and seek continuing education to ensure that I am adept in my craft. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of Alabama and am currently pursuing my designation as a Certified Eating Disorders Specialist. My approach is eclectic, pulling from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Experiential Therapy, Reality Therapy, among other theories. 

My roles in treatment center settings have varied from clinician to administrator. I have served as a Primary Therapist, Clinical Program Coordinator, and Clinical Director of a residential and partial hospitalization eating disorder program in the state of Alabama. I have also served as a Counselor and Assessment Specialist in both hospital and outpatient settings for substance abuse treatment centers. 

In addition to my work in direct patient care, I have also presented at conferences and for mental health groups on topics such as the over-sexualization of girls, the media's impact on teens, and 12-Step recovery.  

Continuing Education

2016 - Present

2017 Southeastern Eating Disorder Conference: Intoxicating Cycles of Shame: The Missing Link in the Treatment of Co-Occurring Eating Disorders and Substance Use Disorders; Controlling You is Controlling Me: Understanding the Parallels between Codependency and Eating Disorders; I Didn’t Have Control Over My Body Then, But I Do Now: Eating Disorders in the Aftermath of Sexual Violation; Medical Complications of Eating Disorders; Don’t Tell My Dietitian, But…: The Ten Commandments of Collaboration; Current Modalities for Treatment Resistant Depression with the Eating Disordered Clients; Neurobiology of Eating Disorders: Translating Research into Clinical Practice

--August 18-19, 2017

iaedp Symposium Pre-Certification Core Courses: Overview of Eating Disorders, Treatment Modalities for Eating Disorders, Nutrition Therapy for Eating Disorders, Medical Treatment of Eating Disorders       

--March 22-23, 2017

Onsite Workshops: Experiential Therapy Institute           

--November 11-15, 2016

Cross Country Education: Incorporating Creativity with DBT Skills --April 6, 2016

UAB: Ethics and Confidentiality Issues for SA Professionals            --February 19, 2016


BFI Summit for Clinical Excellence: Freud Meets Buddha: Mindfulness, Trauma, and Process Addictions                 

--Included workshops on trauma, sex addiction, and eating disorders          

--October 8-9, 2015

UAB: Ethics and Confidentiality Issues for SA Professionals             --June 3, 2015

Andrea Matthews: Therapeutic Tools: Identity and Spiritual Problems          

--February 27, 2015

UAB: DSM-5: Unraveling the DSM Substance Related Disorders   --February 28, 2014  


ASADS: Addiction Survival and Resiliency                          

--April 5, 2013

ASADS: Using the 4 P’s of Purpose, Place, & People in Group Therapy                  

--April 3, 2013

SCATTC: Addiction 101—Basics Every Clinician Should Know     --April 20, 2012    

ASADS: Individualized Treatment Planning Using ASAM Criteria            

--March 20-23, 2012

SCATTC: ASAM Placement Criteria Training             

--December 8-9, 2011

SCATTC: Seeking Safety—A Model for Trauma and/or 

Substance Abuse                                    

--May 5-6, 2011

John Rasberry, LMFT, TEP: Magic Shop                                  

--February 26, 2011

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  • Leslie Reagan Plaia, M. Ed., LPC
  • Leslie Reagan Plaia, M. Ed., LPC